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  The advantage of High Frequency Plastic heating is the internal heating of plastic materials created by the molecular vibration. The molecular bonded solidly together, which is entirely different from the external electric heating or radiation heating. External heating require penetration of the material in order to heat the inner part of material. However, the special principle of high frequency heating can uniformly heat up both inner and outer of products simultaneously.

  1. Electrothermal processing and gluing process
  2.   The heating method has a thickness restriction. If the product is too thick it is often that when the inner material has not yet been heated, the surface is already overheated. The bonding glue products do not last long. High-frequency processing does not have these problems. The most important of all high frequency welding provides a much stronger binding than above methods.

  3. Sewn method defects
  4.   The most obvious defect is that it is not waterproof at the sewn. Improvements is to paste a layer of waterproof tape over the seam, however, it is uneconomical. The use of high frequency welding does not require additional purchase and it is 100 percent waterproofs.

  5. Why do we use high-frequency to process canvas products?
  6.   If you use electric, heat, gluing and other process, canvas awning on the outdoor are easily tear at the joint after daily wind and rain, high frequency welding would not have this problem. In Middle East, it is very windy and sunny. Many of Hexagon’s customers in Middle East manufacture large advertising canvas and awning, they had tried electric heat or glue to make products, but switch to high-frequency processing at the end.

  7. High frequency blister welding machine advantages
    1. Completely waterproof.
    2. Strong, cannot be torn by human force. It is recommended for high value products, to reduce stolen rate.
    3. Double-bubble shell is too thick for electric sealing, high frequency is the only solution.
    4. Industries that are using Hexagon high frequency blister packaging machine includes: 3C products, helmets, locks, bathroom hardware, wiper, special hand tools ... etc.