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Last Updated : 09/19

High Frequency Preheater (Radio Frequency Preheater)

The Usage

  The product is a mixture of bakelite, melamine and urea. When compressed or injection molded, it features low heat conductivity and high moisture absorption, therefore preheating is required when forming, otherwise the process will be of low efficiency and low quality with increased NG rate. In the past, electric heating or infra red ray is used for the prevention of these shortcomings,

however high frequency preheating is widely used nowadays. Compared with the traditional conductive heating of the outer boundary, high frequency heating generates internal heat inside the material itself, therefore the formed material can be pre-heated evenly with the combination of the following merits:

The Effect

  Depending on the type of equipment, high frequency heating is capable of raising the temperature to 100-150℃ in seconds or a dozen seconds without the need for preheating, so that the object can be hardened in a shortened duration - a half or one tenth of the normal duration. Furthermore, high frequency heating can normally eliminate bubbles during the molding process.


  When evenly preheated by high frequency preheating, the molded material hardens more consistently therefore significantly minimizing internal deformation and improving electrical and mechanical properties of the product. While moving moisture and volatilizable contents, this kind of preheating prevents bubbling, staining and flow marks of the product therefore improving the external appearance and minimizing the NG rate.


1. Quality Product: The raw material is preheated in a short time during which moisture and volatile contents are removed from the raw material, eliminating deformation, bubbling and cracks in the product and minimizing the NG rate.

2. The raw material fulfills preheating in a brief time, shortening the hardening time in the hydraulic compression procedure therefore raising the productivity of the production line.

3. The raw material is evenly preheated, enhancing the product quality in terms of mechanical strength and dimensional accuracy.

Technical Data (Bakelite, Melamine and Urea)

Model HG-320 HG-520 HG-720 HG-1020
Power (KW) 3 5 7 10
Frequency (MHz) 62 62 62 27.12
Max. Input (KVA) 7 11 14 20
Dimensions (WxDxH, cm) 518*800*1282 518*945*1282 518*945*1282 800*1230*1520
Weight (kg) 180 260 300 600
Electrode Flat Type
Usage manufacturing Bakelite products, melamine utensils, BMC materials, etc.

Technical Data (Semiconductor)

Model HG-323 HG-323R HG-523 HG-523R HG-723 HG-723R
Power (KW) 3 3 5 5 7 7
Frequency (MHz) 72 72 72 72 72 72
Max. Input (KVA) 7 7 11 11 14 14
(WxDxH, cm)
518*800*1282 518*800*1282 518*945*1282 518*945*1282 518*945*1282 518*945*1282
Infrared temperature monitoring NA YES NA YES NA YES
Weight (kg) 180 180 260 260 300 300
Electrode 2-roller and 3-roller electrode
Usage Semiconductor packaging