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Last Updated : 09/19

High Frequency Welding Machine — Auto Feeder type

  What is High Frequency Welding?

  High frequency welding is the high-frequency energy delivered to the thermoplastic plastic placed between two electrodes. Thermoplastic plastics can be constituted by two or three and more layers. The shape of upper electrode (mold) is made accordant to the desire embossing or welding shape on the plastic, and the lower electrode could be the shape of product appearance or just a piece of metal plate. The electrode is usually connected to the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, in order to apply pressure when welding.

  High-frequency provide a local heat through the excitation of molecular materials to 27MHz, resulting in melting material, and mixture the material elements together, then put pressure above the material, bringing a complete fusion. Then stop applying the high-frequency current, the brief cooling enhance the material solidification, materials are welded at the point of contact with die. The strength of the material is stronger than the original after high frequency welding.

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Technical Data

Spec / Model HG-802F HG-1002F HG-1502F HG-2502F
HF Output Power 8 KW 10 KW 15 KW 25 KW
Oscillation Frequency 27.12 MHz
Power Source AC220V/380V/415V/440V 50Hz/60Hz
Input power 16 KVA 20 KVA 30 KVA 55 KVA
ARC Suppressor Thyratron NL-5557
Rectifier Silicon Rectifier
Distance between upper & lower electrodes 150mm
Press Stroke (adjustable) 20-125mm
Dimension of top platen 550 x 700mm 550 x 700mm 600 x 800mm 800 x 1000mm
Max. Feed Width 600mm 600mm 700mm 800mm
Feed Length (Adjustable) 550 x 700mm 550 x 700mm 600 x 800mm 800 x 1000mm
Max. pressure 350KGS/CM2 450KGS/CM2 500KGS/CM2 800KGS/CM2
Press operation Pneumatic