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Last Updated : 09/19

High Frequency Welding Machine – Shuttle Tray type

  What is High Frequency Welding?

  High frequency welding is the high-frequency energy delivered to the thermoplastic plastic placed between two electrodes. Thermoplastic plastics can be constituted by two or three and more layers. The shape of upper electrode (mold) is made accordant to the desire embossing or welding shape on the plastic, and the lower electrode could be the shape of product appearance or just a piece of metal plate. The electrode is usually connected to the hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder, in order to apply pressure when welding.

  High frequency welding is using a high-frequency current to generate heat, liquidate (melt) the plastic material together with the pressure to weld the materials completely, high cycle and then stop, after a period of time to cool so that the products cure, high frequency welding process is complete.

  In general, bonding or embossed material is placed in the middle of two electrodes, the upper electrodes, which is the mould shape according to the desire welding shape of the produce, the lower electrode is a fixed metal plate, a layer of aluminum or copper will be covering the product, The shape of lower plates is also made based on the shape of products.

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Technical Data

ITEM \ MODEL HG-804S HG-1504 HG-2504 HG-3504
Max HF Output Power 8 KW 15 KW 25 KW 35 KW
Oscillation Frequency 27.12 MHz
Power Source AC 220V/380V/415V/440V 3Phase 50Hz/60Hz
Input Power 16KVA 30KVA 55KVA 75KVA
Oscillation Tube Toshiba 7T69RB Toshiba 8T85RB Toshiba 8T25RA Toshiba 8T87RB
Arc Suppressor Thyratron-NL5557
Rectifier Silicon Rectifier
Operation Auto two side tray
Top Platen 550mm x 700mm 550mm x 700mm 600mm x 800mm 800mm x 1000mm
Press Stroke 20mm-125mm 20mm-125mm 200mm 200mm
Pressure System Pneumatic/Hydraulic