High Frequency Welding Machine – P type

The P-type high frequency plastic welding machine is dedicated for blister packaging. It can pack PVC, PETG, GPET, PET, APET, GAG and other blisters. High Frequency Blister Packing Machine, High Frequency Double blister sealing machine, sealing High Frequency, Blister Welding Machine, High Frequency Blister Welding Machine.

P Type machine can settle the thickness limit of thermoelectric manufacturing. This high frequency sealer can weld the blister to the paper or the double layer evenly. Through different molds, P Type machine can seal blisters with ease and quality. P Type machine is in minor size, which is affable for factories that have less space. This machine can suit different molds to extensive applications and has a new design to operates with high stability. With a large table space that can make it easy for operators to change products in a way that will create the effects of saving time and increasing efficiency. This blister seal is equipped with a pneumatic cylinder that can decrease the labor needs. For customers who are concerned , with high quality welding can avoid the blister from damage. Given the above advantages, it is clear that our P Type machine is the best answer.