High Frequency Welding Machine — Auto Feeder type

Auto feeder welding machine may weld directly on the PVC feed roll, and electrical options of 8KW, 10KW, 15KW, 25KW are available. Feeder device uses splitter for auto feeding, which is highly accurate, and superior to the traditional feeder device of motor and pneumatic cylinder. New oscillation case design; strong, durable and reliable machine, and easy to set and operate. Electrical pre-heat flat mold base loads/unloads molds promptly and supports easy horizontal adjustment. High-sensitivity ARC suppressor features quick response and high stability.

The Automatic Feeder Type can weld the PVC materials with the conveyor belt directly. The material pulling mechanism uses a dividing machine to automatically pull the material with high accuracy, which is better than the traditional motor and pneumatic cylinder pulling mechanism. It is equipped with ARC suppressor to protect the molds. The new rocker valve design is durable that runs stability and high accuracy to eliminate the risk of errors. The very wide measurement of the conveyor belt could fit the medical treatment products such as parenteral bags, drainage bags and other PVC bags. For customers who need to manufacture the products in quantity and on time, we are your best choice.