High Frequency Welding Machine -Welding and Cutting

The Welding and Cutting Type can handle the steps of welding and cutting in one cycle of operation. This high frequency machine can eliminate complex treatments and works efficiently. This machine suit the products of various materials as PVC, EVA, PU, synthetic leathers, etc. As production efficiency is very important to customers, our welding and cutting type is a very good choice.


Welding and Cutting Type. The slidable-Tray type is suitable for welding products containing non-woven fabrics or other fabrics, textiles and leathers. The operator puts the material on the shifting table and then the table will enter the bed of the press to weld. This design can guarantee the safety of operators. The other application is blister packaging. The machine can weld blister paper card and cut it after welding. This type is also common used in the athletic shoe industry.