High Frequency Welding Machine – Single Head type

S-type machine adopts the European standard square vibration tube and the latest high-frequency circuit, which has high efficiency, strong adhesion, and less electromagnetic wave leakage. Electronic equipment such as TVs and radios are less immune to high-frequency interference, which is better for operator.

S Type machine utilize the newest design that can operate the high frequency stably. It is powered by a single foot pedal so that it can be easily manipulated by an operator. This weld has a large table space which can increase efficiency by make it easier for the operator to alternate products. Especially equips with a pneumatic cylinder to reduce the physical fatigue to increase the working efficiency. S Type can be used to weld synthetic leather products containing PVC more than 30%, and other products made of PU, Nylon, EVA, PEVA, PET, PETG, APET, some resins. of ABS, etc. Among them, they need to preheat the Nylon and PET before the high frequency welding process. This machine could be tiled in various fields such as manufacturing of car bench layers, raincoats, umbrellas, footwear, logo printing, medical treatment bags, inflatable products, etc. blister, curtains, etc.